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*AMS TV Seal

*NWA TV Seal

*Meteorology degree

*Decades of experience 

Weather presentation philosophy

About Jeff Matthews

I offer high-quality forecasts, at no expense to an engaging, compelling, personality-driven forecast.

I am committed to bringing a viewer centric weathercast every day. This is the only way I have ever seen to attract and retain viewers. I make it a point to include the viewer in the weathercast as much as possible, through pictures, video, events and one-on-one interactions I weave into the weather story of the day. This makes them feel as though they have a vested interest!

​I've forecasted every type of weather, in nearly every corner of the country, held every position, know every major graphics system, and have dealt with everything from power outages, studio flooding, clicker problems, to the untimely death of an on-air co-worker.

People love what I do because I am real. I bring a unique personality to my work. Which means, I don't require "scare-tactics" to get viewers to watch. My motto is, "Get excited on the calm days, and calm down on the exciting days." And people get it and want that.

My goals for every weathercast are three-fold;
1. Give the viewer a highly reliable forecast,
2. Teach them something they didn't know 5 minutes ago, and
3. Make them smile, at least once

Jeff Matthews

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